At-Grade Pressure Dose Septic Systems


A TYPICAL AT-GRADE BED (click on image to enlarge)

A variant of the Pressure Dose system, the At-Grade Bed is a system where the disposal field is constructed above the ground surface.   In this configuration, sewage flows from the dwelling into a septic tank.  After primary treatment in the tank, the wastewater flows into a dosing chamber that is equipped with a pump, filter screen and float control switches.  The wastewater is dosed to the disposal field, which consists of one, or more, gravel beds.   At-Grade beds are designed to maximize the separation between the wastewater and a limiting horizon, such as groundwater or rock.

Maintenance operations for an at-grade pressure dose system consists of regularly pumping the septic tank (we recommend once every 3-4 years) maintaining the electro-mechanical components and caring for the soil cover over the disposal field to prevent surface water (stormwater) from traversing and/or ponding on top of the system.  Maintenance is important to prolonging the life of the system and should be done on a regular basis by a certified professional.  We offer recommendations for local professionals that can help keep your system in tip-top shape.