Our Priorities

Our Priorities

At SJB Consulting, we believe that the long term sustainability of California, both as a powerful economy and an enviable lifestyle,  is linked to the prudent stewardship of our natural resources, particularly water. The dream that municipal sewer and water services will one day serve everyone is an idea from the past. Individual on-site and small community systems are likely to provide the flexible, environmentally responsible and cost effective option we need to keep growth alive in the state. Ideas like wastewater re-use and groundwater recharge have new meaning as we see our population expand and our need for water increase.  On-site septic systems enable us to provide high quality wastewater treatment in an affordable manner and re-introduce that water right back into the local environment. We are committed to embracing innovative on-site technologies and developing new strategies to mitigate challenging sites and impaired aquifers.

Clients often come to us frustrated, caught between the practicalities of developing a parcel or building a new home and the tidal wave of regulations and laws that governs these activities. The SJB Consulting Team is more than simply a group of design professionals, we act as our client’s consultant, your advocate,  guiding you through the development process and, where needed, fighting for your right to develop as you see fit. In the tug-of-war between government control and personal property rights, we have a knack for bridging the gap and providing competent solutions that are satisfactory to both sides.

These ideas of developing sustainable, responsible designs and acting as our client’s advocate echo through all of our design products and consulting services.  Melding innovation, responsible design and the client’s dreams into cost-effective, buildable design is what we do best.

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